10 Reasons Why Design-Build Works

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Digitalization has revolutionized the Architectural and Construction Industry but this is not limited to the Technologies injected in the sector. When we talk about updates in the Drawing and Design of residential and commercial buildings various things come into the pictures like gadgets, technology i.e. 3D building design, equipment, software, and many more. The latest update in this industry is the Building Design and Construction Methods which has made the work at site smooth and efficient.

Construction Methods

There are many approaches that the Construction Company uses for Homebuilding design. The traditional method used by the design-build construction Company was inefficient and costly. As in this method of Home Building design Contractors used to hire architects, designers, managers separately. These people don’t work on the same team and just prove to give their best for their work. Now as the trend is changing and updates are being made the latest method for Building design used by the commercial design-build firm is the DESIGN-BUILD method.

What is Design-Build

In the design-build service of a design-build construction company one team altogether is responsible for the design and construction. The team selected is wholesale responsible and accountable for the project cost, schedule, and performance under a single contract. By using the design-build model, the client can easily focus on the project and need not manage numerous contracts and conflicts at the site. There are several reasons why this method is being used to complete the construction and renovation projects. Some of the top reasons are as follows:

Advantages of the Design-Build Method

1. Teamwork

Teamwork is achieved within a team. But if the designer and contractor are on different boats they won’t be able to achieve the common goal for project completion. That’s the reason the Design-Build method came into the picture. Where the whole design and construction staff are in the same team and work towards achieving a common goal. When an issue arises, the team sits together to resolve the problem to keep the project on track and schedule.

2. Accountability

One entity i.e one team is accountable for the entire project at the site including the end outcomes, project cost, and the time schedule at which it is completed. Due to all these reasons the design-build service team has extra motivation to ensure timing and pricing accurately at the designing stage and productivity at the construction stage. Accountability given to the team has one more advantage like when the designer the one who builds the project, gives more attention to the plan, pricing, and schedule, making the result better than when the designer and the contractor are from different groups.

3. Continuity in Work

Tejjy inc the design-build Company manages the Building Design and Construction from start to finish which adds inherent efficiency and effectiveness to the construction process. Due to this management designers, builders are able to work more efficiently as the company knows the skills of members of the team. The harmony between members of the team who already know each other also adds to productivity in the workplace.

4. Expertise

The Design-build firms are experts in both fields i.e., design and construction. Thus, they have a hands-on understanding of what it takes to turn a plan on paper or software into an actual building structure or design-build model. These firms have partnerships with subcontractors and thus ensure high-quality result with 100% customer satisfaction

5. Owner Involvement

The Design-build team makes sure that the owner participates in the design and construction of their Building. Through the involvement of the owner, it is guaranteed that the project goals would be accomplished and wishes would be achieved thus leading to overall customer satisfaction. It also makes it easier for the owner to maintain communication with the only accountable team leader at the site.

6. Collaboration

The design-build firm leads to a closer collaboration between the teams as everyone are associated with each other. The team needs to have a clear understanding of the project and that’s the reason they need to work in collaboration with every member involved. Although construction project management software can be used for communication between the teams still collaboration is much better when people are of the same team and thus obliged to maintain harmony in work.

7. Saves Time

One of the most vital benefits of hiring a commercial design-build firm is a quicker turnaround of the project. With both designers and builders in the same team, they are able to manage various timelines that need coordination. As everyone works in the team if any incident happens decision can be taken at a faster pace as all of them have a common goal with a clear communication channel. The design-build method also eliminates the bidding process so that projects move quickly and seamlessly.

8. Saves money

By using the Design-build method for construction additional fees for professionals are being avoided thus approximately 10% of the extra project cost is being saved. While using the Design-build model of Construction Cost-saving methods are utilized continuously throughout the design and construction process.

9. Quality Assurance

By following the design-build process of construction the team leader is responsible for every performance being held in the company. During the design phase, design-builders are motivated to generate a 3D building design that is accurate and error-free. This motivation continues throughout the construction as the whole team is accountable for the quality of design and build of the project.

10. Transparent Communication Process

The design-Build method of construction used by the residential design-build firm is transparent as the owner, as well as the team members, understand what is the status of the project at the current point in time. The successful team works on the objective of what everyone needs to hear thus making the communication crystal and clear for members associated with the whole design-build process.


Above discussed are some of the reasons why the design-build delivery method worked so well for construction and renovation projects including many more not discussed above. To learn more about design-build its benefits and cost or you looking to hire a perfect commercial or Residential design-build firm you can start a conversation with our experts today at 202–465–4830 or info@tejjy.com and experience the best process in the AEC industry

COO of Tejjy Inc, A BIM & Construction Consulting group in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area! Head of visions for Construction Management. Contact: Tejjy.com

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