3D Laser Scanning for As-Built Facility Operations

3D Laser Scanning

As-built survey is revolutionizing the construction sector with 3d laser scanning services. Several construction companies across the world are implementing as-built laser scanning for their facility operations. In recent years, 3d laser scanning equipment for buildings make a great impact on as built study. Now, how the technology operates? Using 3d laser scanning, laser points of a building facility are bounced off and then track the flight paths of the points while returning to the scanner. Amassing multiple data points into a point cloud, construction companies could provide a comprehensive and accurate representation of the facility being scanned for an accurate as-built assessment.

Let’s take a look at how 3D laser scanning facilitates as-built facility operations?

· Obtaining all data through streamlined scanning — 3D laser scanning services facilitate as-built facility operations by enabling data collection through a streamlined scanning session, within a day or two. The BIM engineers and architects work with the scanned data from their comfort zones, without returning to the construction site for collecting additional data. This becomes useful in case of any changes made to the construction project planning for the future and you get the satisfaction of already having the data for the new facility planning.

· Providing accurate dimensions from data survey — 3d laser scanning equipment for buildings provide accurate surveying data, which in turn signify that as-built surveys created with the point cloud scan to BIM data will be accurately dimensioned. As-built modeling from 3D laser scanning is one of the most accurate representations of a facility that an organization could create. Construction project team members create the plan of the facility operations for how to update systems or install new ones, feeling entirely confident that their plans are as per accurate dimensions.

· Capturing laser scan survey data in less time — As per project estimate, 3D laser scanning services capture accurate data compared to conventional survey methods, in less time. Further, the survey data can be captured by an individual working alone, instead of a team of surveyors working together. 3D laser scanning needs just a few hours compared to the conventional surveying, which can be a bit expensive.

· Using for various purposes — Laser scanning for as-built drawings provide a number of benefits compared to the conventional survey techniques. For example, as-built laser scanning could be used on new construction projects for making an exact representation of the facility. This could be preserved in case you renovate facilities for adding new systems. 3D laser scanning services are also used for historical preservation. As-built laser scanning helps you create new drawings of the facility in precise detail. This is significant as there are no existing drawings of the buildings. This is why as-built laser scanning ensures that you get the most accurate dimensions for preserving work.

To obtain laser scanning for as-built drawings, contact one of the best BIM modeling companies in USA — Tejjy Inc. at 202–465–4830 or info@tejjy.com. The BIM consultants with over 14 years of experience implement accurate 3d laser scanning point cloud BIM services for the AEC professionals and enable facilities management through comprehensive data capture for 3d modeling, asset management and facility inspection.

COO of Tejjy Inc, A BIM & Construction Consulting group in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area! Head of visions for Construction Management. Contact: Tejjy.com

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