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The Truth of BIM Clash Detection Revealed

Are you searching for BIM Modeling companies for Clash Detection? Why don’t you look for BIM Companies in Florida, providing Clash Detection Services? Some of the top BIM Companies in Florida are adept in working with latest software platforms like Autodesk Revit, MEP Fabrication & NavisWorks for accurate 3D BIM Model Creation and Shop Drawing preparation.

BIM Modeling companies for Clash Detection

Approach to Clash Detection by BIM Modeling Companies:

  • Expert BIM Modeling Companies in Florida use Revit & Navisworks software platforms for creating 3D Model Creation of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire Protection services. Clash Detection Companies in Florida create 3D BIM Models of MEPFP trades for effective clash detection and visualization. BIM enabled Constructability Review helps BIM Companies in Florida to reflect changes from Design, RFI Management & As-Built Modeling. Choosing a best BIM Company in Florida facilitates contractors and engineers in getting Coordinated Service Drawings, enabling comprehensive coordination amongst all services using Navisworks software platform. You can also obtain clash reports and extract Quantity Take-Off incorporating manufacturer’s reference.
  • Concerning the BIM Work Approach, the MEP design validation engineers of BIM Modeling Companies check and compare IFC (Issued for Construction) design documents for inconsistencies. The top Clash Detection Companies in Florida also recalculate the data as per the size of the ducts, pipes, fluid flow rate, etc. Then the RFIs get reviewed by the client, who in turn escalate to the consultant for a feasible solution.
  • Regarding the Construction Project Challenge, BIM Modeling Companies in Florida coordinate amongst the various services like architectural, MEP, structural and so on. Resolving clashes at the pre-construction stage is important for allowing a structure to navigate through beam or concrete wall and avoiding design complications at the design stage. Competent BIM modelers ensure that the pipes and ducts are able to pass through the designated cutouts in the walls and available spaces for services through intended routes with the least impact on existing services. BIM Clash Detection Companies in Florida resolve clashes by shifting and modifying service routes, considering the necessary clearance and amending the extents of pipes and ducts within acceptable limits.

How BIM Clash Detection Companies Resolve Project Challenges?

  • Detecting incongruity in the risers, sections, schedules, architecture, structural & MEP drawings
  • Observing the need to provide altered diffuser & ceiling illumination layout
  • Raising constructability issues through RFI’s & updating BIM model & construction drawings
  • Identifying space constraints, saving time, rework & eradication of wastage
  • Finding out clashes, leading to design revisions through BIM Modeling

How BIM Companies Proceed with Clash Detection?

  • Ensuring Design Drawings Translated into Virtual 3D BIM Coordinated Model
  • Taking BIM Model or Engineering Drawings in Revit as Inputs
  • Exporting Model to NavisWorks Software Application for Clash Detection
  • Making a BIM Coordinated Model in NavisWorks to Detect & Resolve Clashes
  • Producing Clash Report before Construction for Evading Project Delays
  • Conducting Meeting for Collaboration with AEC Project Stakeholders
  • Making Design Changes to the Model for Producing Coordinated Model

Stages of MEP BIM Coordination, Resolving Clashes & Making Models Clash Free

1. Review of Design Drawings & Models Provided by Consultant

  • Obtaining Single-Line Drawing or MEP 3D Models from MEP Consultants/Contractors
  • Evaluating Architectural & Structural Plans in Detail
  • Assessment of Drawings & Layouts for Consistency with Schematics, Reviewing MEP Specifications
  • Laying out MEP Coordination Roadmap, as per Constructability Analysis

2. 3D MEP BIM Modeling

  • Accurate 3D Model Creation, using Revit/AutoCAD, using Consultant’s Design Drawings
  • Implementing BIM Technology for 3D Model Creation
  • Representing MEP Services in the Model with Architectural & Structural Clashes/Conflicts of the Building
  • Laying the Groundwork with 3D BIM Model for Construction Drawing Sets such as Plans, Sections & Elevations
  • Using 3D Model for Obtaining Client Inputs & Producing Comprehensive Walk-Throughs

3. MEP BIM Clash Coordination Services

  • Evaluating 3D Model for Conflicts & Clashes amongst Architectural, Structural & MEP Components using NavisWorks
  • Identifying inconsistencies, like Hard Clashes, Clearance & Workflow Clashes, providing a practicable alternative to clients

4. Creation Of Coordinated Drawings & Sections:

  • Creating MEP Coordination Drawings showing how Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire-Protection Systems collaborate in the same space
  • Adding Notes for Making the Sizes Clear for each Discipline
  • Using Sections, Elevations & Isometric Views from the 3D Model for Detailing the Layouts to Customers

5. Creation of Detailed Service Drawings

  • Creating Single Service Drawings & Adding Component size, height & distances from guidelines for further clarity to the site installation teams

6. Creation of Fabrication, Spool & Hanger Drawings

  • Creating Fabrication Drawings from Specific Building Services Drawings
  • Generating Spooling Data from the Model
  • Mapping Hangers & their Specific Details for Each Drawing in a Schedule

7. As-Built Drawing Modifications

  • Making Changes to the Model & Drawings, owing to Site-Based Variations or Deviations from Construction Drawings

To get the best clash detection services, get in touch with one of the top Clash Detection Companies in Florida. You may consult Tejjy Inc. — a veteran BIM Company in Florida at 202–465–4830 or to progress with your clash detection requirements. The BIM Engineers of the best BIM Service Provider in USA review critical conflict areas in 3D for evaluating space constraint successfully. Discuss your projects with the BIM Company in USA and collaborate your design disciplines flawlessly as a single information platform, enhancing work efficacy, reducing errors, and improving building performance at a whole.



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