Which are the Best Residential & Commercial Architectures in the USA?

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Architectural enthusiasts always love to know about the best residential and commercial architectures and about the technologies they are using. Currently, many commercial and residential architecture firms working with the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to collaborate their design built work process in a seamless manner. Dezeen.com enlisted the names of several US architecture projects in 2020. Some of them include:

· National Museum of US Army, Virginia

The National Museum of US Army is a monolithic structure with steel exterior reflecting its environments in Fort Belvoir Military Installation, Virginia. This happens to be the first commercial building design project in USA, devoted to the oldest military service of the country.

· Webster, California

This is one of the commercial architecture designs for a fashion retailer. The Webster, happens to be the first project in California, where the architect selected curved pink colored concrete walls in contrast to the brutal Beverly Center. Pink also lingers throughout the interiors in the form of curving walls, encompassing changing rooms, concrete platforms and columns punctuating the space.

· One Thousand Museum, Florida

Another example of commercial architecture firm, where a private aquatic centre and a helipad are built-in in the One Thousand Museum, one of the last buildings designed by late architect Zaha Hadid. The 62-storey residential architect tower design comprises of glass facades enclosed by a curvy “exoskeleton” includes 5,000 pieces lightweight glass-fibre reinforced concrete.

· Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center

The art center in Oklahoma is one of the best instances of commercial building designs. About 17,000 aluminium fins encompass the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, forming a zigzag roof line. Envisioned as a new landmark for the city, the building is just about the north of the historic Automobile Alley.

· US Olympic & Paralympic Museum, Colorado

The purpose of creating the twisted US Olympic and Paralympic Museum at the heart of Colorado in 2020 is to make it one of the most accessible buildings in the world. Home remodeling companies in USA admire the beauty of this stunning structure. The museum, consisting of aluminium-clad volumes, is organized in such a fashion, so that the visitors can go up to the top of the museum through elevator and gradually move through the galleries in a spiralling ramp. The structure epitomizes a marvel to the residential architectural company.

· 87 Park, Florida

The oval-shaped condominium tower wrapped in terraces, opens on Miami Beach waterfront in Florida. Raised on white pillars, the round 87 Park comprises 18-storeys providing building inhabitants the views of the Atlantic Ocean. This landmark project enthralls every residential architecture firm who is passionate about spectacular building designs.

· Powerhouse, Wisconsin

This commercial architecture design project is developed with the intention of transforming a decommissioned power plant in Wisconsin. The 100-year-old plant building, situated between liberal arts college and Rock River, Beloit, comprises a fitness centre along with a gymnasium through an elevated 3 lane track.

· Nancy & Rich Kinder Building, Texas

Curved roofs inspired with cloud circles forms the top of the Nancy and Rich Kinder Building. The design is set to inspire any commercial architecture firm across the globe. The museum walls are enfolded with translucent glass tubes for contrasting the existing buildings on the site.

· Seattle Asian Art Museum, Washington

American architects renovated the art deco-style Seattle Asian Art Museum to preserve architectural legacy of this historic building. A thing of beauty to residential architect, the structure is created with glass, steel and concrete for extension. Facades get re-established and new glass set up in the existing building windows. Residential architectural company working with home remodeling projects gets the motivation from this building renovation.

These are some of the best residential & commercial architecture projects of USA in 2020. Tejjy Inc. — an architectural BIM engineering company in Washington DC has also worked with various architectural projects in 2020 like Niagara Restoration, Roshni Cold Storage, MLC and many more. The company has carved out the right design built solution with BIM for architecture modeling, building plans and layout creation. If you want the best architectural design built services for bathroom renovation, kitchen remodeling and home remodeling, talk to the architectural BIM engineers of Tejjy Inc. at 202–465–4830 or info@tejjy.com.

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