Why to Hire Building Permit Expeditor in lieu of Online Permit Expediting Services?

hire building Permit Expeditor in lieu of Online Permit Expediting Services?

If you want your construction to start on a piece of land, permit approvals are a must. Any issues affecting delays in building construction would cost a huge amount of money to the developers. Top permit expediting companies works to remove stop work orders or permitting issues. In similar manner Tejjy expediters in Washington DC , Maryland, Baltimore works to remove the DCRA stop work order , manage submittal issues for faster construction permits.

Now, the question pops up in every brain that if online construction permit approvals exist then, why to outsource permit expediting services or hire for building permits. Even Though the process is digitized or manual it includes time and effort. Delays are not welcome by anyone not even in construction process. So, hiring a construction expediter quickens the process. Experienced expediters have in-depth building code knowledge . Due to which coordination with jurisdictions to identify the fast path to seek approval, reducing the number of plan rechecks easy. Industry experts say that navigating various jurisdictions and their requirements could be a substantial task.

Benefits of outsourcing permit expediting services

Owing to the deep understanding of regional codes and jurisdictions, expeditors are able to prevent clients from making cost attracting mistakes. To plunge deeper, let’s check out the common errors made by the applicants, before consulting a construction expeditor

Controls Cost :

They detect permitting issues during the preliminary study and coordinate to build designing solutions. whereas in absence of designing knowledge problems it can call for trouble. This can attract more cost as permit expediter takes the full responsibility to make suitable corrections in your design drawings as per requirement.

  • Not submitting to the concerned departments

Depending on the work scope of the project, applicants are required to submit applications at multiple departments. For instance, any work related to restaurants would require submittals to health, besides the general planning department in the jurisdiction. A construction expediter is acquainted with the understanding of the various departments involved in the building process and advise clients not to exclude any essential department.

  • Absence of Vital Paperwork

Various jurisdictions have different paperwork requirements, and so it’s common for the applicants to overlook necessary paperwork, while submitting to a planning committee. To take an instance, people applying for the building permit process may not know the specific requirements of submitting a registration along with paperwork. Occasionally, you are also required to file for a lean agent for obtaining building permits. Permit facilitators are acquainted with varying requirements and ensure that you have the accurate paperwork needed to meet local regulations.

  • Time Delay in Permit Approvals

Without having proper resources, to follow-up with planning officials, an application may get lost in the shuffle. Permit expediting company in DC consistently checks in with the planning division for confirming the application status and determining the best way to expedite the building process. Furthermore, by undertaking regular visits to local jurisdictions, facilitators create relations with representatives, making it easy to access information relevant to the application.

A permit process could be hard and complex. So, having an expediting company on your side helps to walk through the process easily, saving costs through avoiding mistakes and extending deadlines.

How does building expediting company work?

Whether you want someone to expedite building permit process or manage projects or conduct surveys, construction expeditors help to schedule a consultation. Here are just a few of the areas where permit facilitators excel.

  • Site Investigation

Permit project management firm helps you know whether a future building project would be feasible or not? The expeditors create a site investigation report, outlining the vital facets of the project, including approval process, cost of development, utility availability and more. They also conduct research and detect hidden costs and issues that could delay your project. The site investigation report serves as a guide to navigate the construction development process.

  • Permit Management​

Permit management firm manages permitting issues. Starting from building and trade permits, to solar and EPA utility permits, building expediters could overcome all challenges faced. They use their contacts and knowledge to look for essential approvals for your projects.

  • Planning & Zoning Representation

If you are seeking approval through legislative boards like planning commissions, design review boards and city councils, it could be challenging and time-consuming. However, the best DC permit expediting companies is able to understand and navigate the submittal and approval process efficiently.

  • Project Management during Pre-Construction

Managing building approvals for manifold rollout programs, through construction drawing coordination could be a bit challenging. Permit service providers establish processes to efficiently manage projects, working as per realistic milestones to run smoothly.

  • Coordination of Utility

Permit solution providers coordinate utilities for accommodating the proposed design of a project. All utility constraints are investigated by the permit expeditors through accepted solutions, preventing developmental concerns.

So, why to increase our own leg work along with the probability of delays. When facilitators of Tejjy Inc. nurture strong relations with the construction project gatekeepers and know the right person to contact, why not to consult experienced building permit expediters. Schedule a consultation with Tejjy Inc. at 202–465–4830 or info@tejjy.com.

COO of Tejjy Inc, A BIM & Construction Consulting group in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area! Head of visions for Construction Management. Contact: Tejjy.com

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